BentPenny Coffee Roasters was established by our family. It was created as an extension of our lives, our passion for people, adventure, the outdoors, and the love we all share for coffee. The goal is quite simple really, we want to use unique small-batch roasted coffees to bring people together and become more connected with everything around us. 

Coffee is social. Coffee is liquid optimism. Coffee is a part of our daily lives, and good coffee, well, that is a process that is much more than a drive through. If you are anything like us and start your day off with a warm cup, don't settle for something mediocre. Take a moment, grind some fresh beans, and hand pour yourself something delicious. We like to hit the ground running...

Our coffee is artisan roasted in small batches to ensure meticulous quality control. We are committed to each bag of coffee and to every cup we serve. We don't believe in shortcuts, we value hard work, and pay close attention to detail from farm to cup. 

We are continuously learning and perfecting the fine art of coffee and hope you enjoy each cup as much as we have enjoyed being a small part of it.