There is something extraordinary about the raw extension of the Golden State.  It lies beneath the California line, and gives you a bold taste of what our southern coast must have been like hundreds of years ago.  Baja has been on our radar for a long time; from our early teenage years to our adult lives, we have been migrating south to chase swell.  We live to explore, and Baja is the perfect place to escape from the California summer swarms.  We wanted to share some visual imagery to stimulate your eyes and motivate you to DRINK COFFEE. STAY WILD. 

Whale sharks ignited the flame of this particular adventure.  Our lovely friend Helen Grace @saltwaterthreads informed me that whale sharks were going to be migrating through the region around this time, so I was keen on trying to go photograph them.  I recruited another friend, Cleo Maggiore, who is always down for an adventure.  Cleo and I met up with Helen and her man Luke (the fishing king) at 3 A.M. in Topanga, CA, and started our caravan down to the Sea of Cortez.  We drove all day through the desert heat and stopped only to photograph some Dr. Seuss looking cacti, eat some tacos, drink a michelada and get gas.  We arrived in the evening and went for a swim to cool off from the desert sun.  Tecates were immediately in hand, which set the tone to slow everything down into “Baja Mode”.  We all went to bed fairly early, due to our next day 4 am wake up call to hit the water to slay some tuna.  It was a rare celestial evening where the full moon and summer Solstice brought us the strawberry moon who glistened majestically above the calm sea.

The next thing I remembered was Luke fired up, knocking on my van door pre-dawn and all I could think about was making coffee.  So I whipped up a French Press with some Flying Hare and hooked up the crew with some cups.  Our local friend Pedro picked us up and we drove over to the dock.  Sitting in the boat, we were sipping coffee, relishing in the sunrise as Pedro towed us down to the waterside.  The sky was exploding with vibrant color and sun rays.  It was almost as if it was a fortelling to the day we were about to have.  

We motored out to an area right off where we camped, and fished for some live bait.  In about a 1/2 hour, we had filled up the bait tank and headed out to some islands off of the shore where they had been fishing some big Yellow tail.  Within the hour, we hooked about eight tuna that were about the size of a small child.  The abundance of sea life in the area was breathtaking.  Jacques Cousteau dubbed this area of the ocean as, “The Worlds Aquarium” and that statement couldn't be more accurate.  We saw everything from Turtles, Seals, Fin Back Whales, Orca’s, schools of Dolphins, Starfish, groupers to sharks.  It truly is “Sea World” in its most raw form.  After we filled a cooler full of Yellow Tail, we headed over to one of the islands nearby to go diving. The water clarity wasn’t the best for shooting photos underwater or diving, so I swam to the island with Cleo and Helen to explore a bit more.  The raw features of the island had so many treasures on the rocky shoreline.  We found everything from Seal teeth,  Dolphin skulls, whale vertebrae and some magical seashells.  It was such an untouched coastline.  Meanwhile, Luke was out in the water and we saw a pod of nearly 100 dolphins swimming right towards him.  We watched from the shore while they dove all around him, swimming under and above him for about 3 minutes. Watching these incredible creatures thrive in their natural habitat was a moment that we will all keep in the memory bank forever.  I shot some photos of the girls on the island, and then swam back to the boat with some of the treasures we had found on the beach.  The mid day sun was beating down on us, and we asked our boat driver if he had any idea where we could look for Whale Sharks.  He was on a radio with another boat that had spotted them earlier that day, so we headed off to search for the beautiful creatures in another bay nearby.  

Helen, the vibe creator, had built a little shade with a blanket off the front of the boat and we were sipping Tecates and eating chips and salsa when the boat driver started yelling that we had come upon a massive Mama Whale Shark and her baby.  

At this point, everything started happening very quickly.  We were all scrambling for our masks and flippers.  I grabbed my waterhousing that I thought was ready, and jumped straight into the water. The visibility wasn’t super clear, but I swam up along side of her and was in complete awe of how beautiful and majestic she was.  She passed me from eye to tail.  She was about the size of a school bus, and I have never felt so tiny in my entire life.  I looked up and saw Helen swimming right above her while Luke was swimming back by the tail.  I tried to shoot an image, only realizing that my camera battery was dead, and knew that this was just going to be a bucket list moment that we would all share.  The whale shark was very calm, cruising along the ocean, going about her daily life.  I decided to swim up towards her front, as she turned towards me.  I immediately realized that I didn’t want to be that close to a mouth in the ocean that I could potentially live in, so I kept a bit of distance and admired from afar.  It was such a magical moment that I will never forget.  We followed her for a few minutes and said our goodbyes. 

As we all piled back into the boat and headed to another sandy beach nearby to dive for clams.  The sun was beating down on us and the super intense mid-day heat made us call it a day and head back to the harbor.  It was only 1 pm, but the amount of stoke we had from all the inexplicable moments of the day had us all buzzing (No coffee needed).

We went back to our camp site and had a full afternoon A.C. session.  Helen and Luke travel in style, and rented a room for all of us so we could hide out from the desert sun.  We had planned on spending 3 days out in the region, but with everything we experienced in a matter of one day, Cleo and I decided to not get greedy with the magic, and decided to leave the next morning to greet the south swell that was coming through.  I found some wifi and shot a text out to my brother telling him to meet us.  I told him we were headed out and would be there the next day.  He said he was going to try to book it down.  

We left the next morning and started the journey off right with some BentPenny cups, huevos rancheros and a michelada.  We cruised back through the "land of the cacti” jamming out to Tinariwen.  If your in the search for a new desert sound; they are the band to check out.  We stocked up on some goodies from the main town and headed out to the long dirt road that lead to our secluded break.  We showed up when the swell had just started to fill in that evening.  I ran into a friend of mine that I always keep bumping into all over Baja when the waves are good.  His name is Gabe Whorley and he’s about as stoked of an individual as they come.  We surfed that evening and rode some really fun waves.  We camped right on the point and fell asleep to the sound of building swell.  The next morning was foggy with a touch of South wind, but the swell had arrived.  We obviously surfed all day.  

Around noon I looked up from the water to the camp sight, and I saw my brother and a friend pull up.  I was so stoked.  Surfing with my brother is the absolute best, he is among the few guys that I would travel anywhere in the world with and know that the vibes will be at an all time high!  I ran in from the water, and realized he had driven down with Nathaniel Curran (another one of my really good friends that I would travel anywhere in the World with).  We cracked a celebratory Tecate, and they set up camp in our zone!  We took turns surfing and shooting.  Watching Nathaniel surfing empty points down in Mexico, really is something to witness.  The guy surfs so well, and I still think is one of the best to come out of the Ventura area.  My brother was ripping too. 

The next morning, Helen and Luke arrived at our camp after their day three fishing adventure.  The whole crew was back together and then the party really started...

Having fabulous coffee mornings, surfing our brains out, building campfires under the stars, going to bed salty, sunburnt and sore from paddling was the main agenda.

This is what Summer is meant to be...

Live it up guys.. Life's a precious little gem and it’s gonna pass before we know it- 

DRINK BENTPENNY coffee, be adventurous, go somewhere you’ve never been before and pass a smile on to everyone you meet.  



Kyle MacLennan

PHOTOS BY:  kylemacvisuals


Last week we took off to the desert for the first Coachella weekend out in Joshua Tree where our friend Jen Rossi from and Helen Grace from  asked us to pour coffee at Jen's store opening.  We naturally jumped on this offer because we love Joshua Tree and have been going out there for many years camping, photographing, and experiencing the beauty of the desert.  We filled our Transit Van to the top with our coffee kit, camping gear, and hit the road.  At the base of our company we fuel ourselves off of adventure, road trips, camping, our natural environment, coffee and being true to that history is our company staple.  We love creating new relationships and the crew we were surrounded by were small business owners, entrepreneurs, and all around fun havers that have particularly amazing taste in fashion.  Jen's new location is just off the main road right before the turn off to the National Park and was previously an art gallery with open air tin sheds that we set up shop in.  The atmosphere that these girls created was so unique: within a few hours a teepee was built, and each shed was filled with a unique collection of artisanal hand-crafted goods.  Our go to for coffee was hot pour overs in the morning transitioning to iced pour overs into the afternoon.  We spent two days out there and had a blast camping out in BLM land watching shooting stars and appreciating the quietness of the high desert.  #drinkcoffeestaywild 


PHOTOS BY:  kylemacvisuals


The Ocean

The love of the ocean has been passed down in different forms from generation to generation.  Whether it be from father to son or by our peers.  I can distinctly remember at a young age jumping in the car with my dad much before the sun had peaked its way up over the horizon, and watching him enjoy his coffee during those few minutes before the car heater would actually turn on.  I would drink my hot chocolate reluctantly knowing my fathers cup contained something much more than just a hot drink, it was religious, comforting, and something I was not allowed to have, which made me want it that much more.  When that day happened many years later, that moment where I too was drinking coffee next to my dad in those freezing early morning hours on our way to another beautiful beach in Southern California, everything made sense!

Words by Ryan Ameche

PHOTOS BY:  Kylemacvisuals


We camped near the river. Adventure and freedom was our purpose, coffee our fuel.  Capturing those fleeting moments of where we go and what we do all hinged on whom we do it with. We’ve found that most magical moments in life seem to happen on the road. We were out in the wilds of the 395 in search of a story, but the river had much more to show us. 

As the morning gives way to light, water already boiling on the camp-stove; we started our morning, as many do, greatly anticipating our first cup of coffee.  As in most trips this one began as a culmination of a semi-sleepless night and of hastily pitched tents in the dark as our shadows danced in the surrounding landscape. But this morning, with the river flowing slowly past our camp, contrasting our busy night, we re-discovered something: something about ourselves.

The river – like us – had made its way to this place raging over distance and obstacles. Yet here it slowed, it quieted here. It reminded us of why we started BentPenny and why coffee was such a big part of our lives. We’ve become so preoccupied in the modern world, constantly in a rush. We miss the simple beauty happening all around us. Constantly trying to wake up from the mundane rather then allow ourselves to see the beauty in it. 

We continued further down the river in search of a rumored hot spring in the area. The river roared much louder here as the terrain grew more challenging. As the roars of the water reached their height: we came across an almost luminescing white, waterfall, pouring off the surrounding dark stone. No one sets out to get lost, but that is what happened to us. We completely lost ourselves in cold, brisk waters of the falls. But we had to continue on; the river had more in store for us.  

Being out here reminded us of how coffee has become a rushed ordeal, a drive-through experience: in the name of convenience we‘ve forgotten something.  Like the river, a cup of coffee creates a space for us. A space to slowdown to see and understand, not only the unique taste and aromas, but also who and what was around us. A cup of BentPenny coffee is not just a start to the day it is a start of a story. 

As we hiked on, what was once rumor, or mere idea, now manifesting itself in front of us: the hot spring. Wilder and more satisfying then words was our joy in finding this place. This wild beautiful place containing a magnetism that is felt by all of us. As heated water spilled over our heads, time became ephemeral; a few days became a lifetime of memories. Our idea had always been a simple one: to capture the awed feeling of sitting with friends enjoying the world with a great cup of coffee. This is our Story as we enjoyed coffee by the river. 

Words by Nery Solano

PHOTOS BY: kylemacvisuals