We camped near the river. Adventure and freedom was our purpose, coffee our fuel.  Capturing those fleeting moments of where we go and what we do all hinged on whom we do it with. We’ve found that most magical moments in life seem to happen on the road. We were out in the wilds of the 395 in search of a story, but the river had much more to show us. 

As the morning gives way to light, water already boiling on the camp-stove; we started our morning, as many do, greatly anticipating our first cup of coffee.  As in most trips this one began as a culmination of a semi-sleepless night and of hastily pitched tents in the dark as our shadows danced in the surrounding landscape. But this morning, with the river flowing slowly past our camp, contrasting our busy night, we re-discovered something: something about ourselves.

The river – like us – had made its way to this place raging over distance and obstacles. Yet here it slowed, it quieted here. It reminded us of why we started BentPenny and why coffee was such a big part of our lives. We’ve become so preoccupied in the modern world, constantly in a rush. We miss the simple beauty happening all around us. Constantly trying to wake up from the mundane rather then allow ourselves to see the beauty in it. 

We continued further down the river in search of a rumored hot spring in the area. The river roared much louder here as the terrain grew more challenging. As the roars of the water reached their height: we came across an almost luminescing white, waterfall, pouring off the surrounding dark stone. No one sets out to get lost, but that is what happened to us. We completely lost ourselves in cold, brisk waters of the falls. But we had to continue on; the river had more in store for us.  

Being out here reminded us of how coffee has become a rushed ordeal, a drive-through experience: in the name of convenience we‘ve forgotten something.  Like the river, a cup of coffee creates a space for us. A space to slowdown to see and understand, not only the unique taste and aromas, but also who and what was around us. A cup of BentPenny coffee is not just a start to the day it is a start of a story. 

As we hiked on, what was once rumor, or mere idea, now manifesting itself in front of us: the hot spring. Wilder and more satisfying then words was our joy in finding this place. This wild beautiful place containing a magnetism that is felt by all of us. As heated water spilled over our heads, time became ephemeral; a few days became a lifetime of memories. Our idea had always been a simple one: to capture the awed feeling of sitting with friends enjoying the world with a great cup of coffee. This is our Story as we enjoyed coffee by the river. 

Words by Nery Solano

PHOTOS BY: kylemacvisuals