Last week we took off to the desert for the first Coachella weekend out in Joshua Tree where our friend Jen Rossi from and Helen Grace from  asked us to pour coffee at Jen's store opening.  We naturally jumped on this offer because we love Joshua Tree and have been going out there for many years camping, photographing, and experiencing the beauty of the desert.  We filled our Transit Van to the top with our coffee kit, camping gear, and hit the road.  At the base of our company we fuel ourselves off of adventure, road trips, camping, our natural environment, coffee and being true to that history is our company staple.  We love creating new relationships and the crew we were surrounded by were small business owners, entrepreneurs, and all around fun havers that have particularly amazing taste in fashion.  Jen's new location is just off the main road right before the turn off to the National Park and was previously an art gallery with open air tin sheds that we set up shop in.  The atmosphere that these girls created was so unique: within a few hours a teepee was built, and each shed was filled with a unique collection of artisanal hand-crafted goods.  Our go to for coffee was hot pour overs in the morning transitioning to iced pour overs into the afternoon.  We spent two days out there and had a blast camping out in BLM land watching shooting stars and appreciating the quietness of the high desert.  #drinkcoffeestaywild 


PHOTOS BY:  kylemacvisuals